Our Vision: To be the leading association in achieving socio-economic development within the Badaga Community

Our Mission: To contribute effectively through all the available resources in achieving socio-economic development within the Badaga Community


• To integrate Badaga Society living in Dubai and to propagate and foster Badaga culture.
• To organize programs for women to help them integrate into the multi-cultural society.
• To organize activities for the young kids in the fields of music, sports, recreation, etc.
• To celebrate our traditional Habbas as it happening at our hatties and
• To provide social, welfare and advisory services to the members.

Being a member of DBA means, we are with our own people who have joined hands with us to profess love, affection, benevolence, philanthropy and above all humanity. With us you can share your happiness and sorrow. Our members with varied experience will be able to help you during difficult times. This forum provides a venue to meet fellow Badagas and a platform for entertainment and other social activities. Also it provides you with a variety of opportunities for networking and professional advancement with our Hatty people.

In the year 2005, the growing city of Dubai, a couple of our friends who were playing cricket along with their friends met in a coffee bar at Karama and decided to form an association to preserve and nurture our tradition and values for the future generation. Thus was born Dubai Badaga Association as a non-profit organization, with no religious or political alignment. Today, we enjoy a large number people from our community, which was not the case 10 years ago. The only thing going for this group was friendship, their love for community and lots of enthusiasm.

A fundamental goal of a non-profit organization is to provide value to its members by serving the goals of the association consistently. Everyone in DBA has brought in their own energy level and ideas for the association but has never strayed from the core objective of helping people.

Our goal is to spread the Badaga culture and values especially for our youth. We organize events to celebrate festivals like New Year, Hethai Abba, Mari Abba, Devva Abba, and Diwali to give our members plenty of opportunities to enjoy and participate. This not only makes it fun, but also instills the values associated with these festivals, among our members. We conduct many philanthropic events, which satisfy our objective of promoting charity among the members, especially youth.
We provide an excellent opportunity for our members and youth to appreciate their skills in different fields of their choice. We strive to satisfy the various forms of performing arts including music, dance, etc. Also we want to develop, promote our badaga culture by participating and contributing articles through this forum

Today our association has grown into bigger level and our membership is well over 50 families and 50 bachelors and continues to grow at a healthy pace. This association is funded through its own members by annual subscriptions, paid by the family members and bachelors. Please forward this to your friends and our community members who might be interested.
If you are interested in knowing more about becoming a member please click here. If you need more information about DBA, please free to contact as friendly Member or write to info@dubaibadaga.com

At this juncture, we would like to personally thank each one of you for your generous support and well wishes all these years and look forward for your continued support to the future executive committee.

2013 Dubai Badaga.com
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