Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home - Mother Teresa

We at UAE are called expatriates. An expatriate (sometimes shortened to expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of the person's upbringing.
Our upbringing with blessing of Hethai and Iyya, our parents have thought us the sense of family, values, religious beliefs and principles, ability to Love, shower affection, and willingness to help. All these values knit us very closely and we live like a family in a home called UAE.
Care Badaga is the first initiative in the direction of helping each other in the time of intricacy especially death of any registered member in UAE.

Care Badaga initiative is divided into two segments:

1) Care Badaga is an initiative keeping in mind the urgent requirement of cash for repatriation in case of death in UAE. DBA registered members and their immediate family members will be covered under this initiative. Immediate family members mean Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister and only if they are on visit visa to UAE. Adults who are on resident visa they have to be a registered member to be covered under this initiative. A sum of AED 10,000/- will be paid to the family to cover up the immediate financial requirements which can help speedy repatriation

2) Second part is to provide financial help for registered member to travel back to India in case of death occurring to any of their immediate family members. This is a loan facility which is offered to the registered member. In case of a family traveling to India then DBA will provide AED 3000/- and in case of bachelor / spinster it will be AED 1500/- payable back in equal three monthly installment.

Query - How is the money generated for this initiative?

Answer - DBA members voluntary contribution is the main source of creating the corpus. Many members are regular contributor to this initiative. In some cases sports event winners have passed on the winning cash prize towards this noble initiative.

Query - If I am a member of DBA but have not contributed to this initiative, will I be covered?
Answer - All the registered member for that particular year will be covered, even if they have never made any contribution to Care Badaga. This is a voluntary exercise which will benefit all the members. (Year - January - December)

Query - How much should I pay?
Answer - Any amount is accepted. You can decide what an ideal contribution can be. Members have contributed in thousands and hundreds (AED).

Query - Whom should I hand over my contribution?
Answer - Please handover your contribution to any core committee member and just send a confirmation mail on the same. Or you can handover during any get together which is organized by DBA.

Query - What will be done with the money collected?
Answer - Money collected under Care Badaga Initiative will not be used for any other purposes.

Query - Should I contribute only once?
Answer - You can surely contribute more than once. There are few members who have promised to contribute to Care Badaga whenever their is any birthday celebration in the family. They have taken this as a reason to do service to the community.

Query - Is there any future plans to expand Care Badaga Initiative from only death to even hospitalization in UAE?
Answer - Yes. There are few plans in place but we need to achieve some lump sum amount to look into it. It will be decided by the Board and core committee members at appropriate time.

Query - Who is a registered member?
Answer - Registered member is an individual who has paid the yearly membership fee of DBA which is AED 100. This has to be paid before January 31st of every year.


Many of the members know that when one of our fellow badaga expired around a year back, we were not able to help through Care Badaga as he was not a registered member for that particular year.
Care Badaga Contributors

S.No Name Hatty Contribution

Individual contributions
1 Arjunan Rangan -Naduatty 200
2 Arjunan Bhuvana Mrs.- Ithalar
3 Basavaraj Bellie- Halattanai 300
4 Basavaraj Anitha Mrs. -Kundah Bikkatty
5 Devakar Bellan -Nedugula Kurukuthi 100
6 Devakar Keerthi Mrs -Meekeri
7 Dinesh Kumar Subramaniam- Kundha Bikkatty 200
8 Dinesh Niveshana Mrs Kundha Bikkatty
9 Gokul Bose Halattanai 200
10 Gokul Priyanka Mrs. Kil Kundah
11 Gopal Joghee Hubbathalai 500
12 Gopal Shamila Mrs. Melur
13 Jayakumar Thippan Denadu 200
14 Jayakumar Veena Mrs. Kil Thuneri
15 Jeyasankar Matha Ketchigatty 500
16 Jeyasankar Premalatha Mrs. Bickol
17 Kumar Raju Sholur Hosahatty 500
18 Kumar Raju Arthi Mrs. Sholur Hosahatty
19 Mani Sockan Commander Adhikaratty 200
20 Mani Renuka Mrs. Kavaratty
21 Murali Ajjan Karapillu 100
22 Murali Urmila Mrs. Muligoor
23 Naveen Bojaraj Godalhatty 200
24 Naveen Nandhini Mrs. Keradakambai
25 Prabu Joghan Halattanai 200
26 Prabu Anuradha Mrs. Mukkilmalai
27 Prasad Haldorai Thangadu 200
28 Prasad Udhaya Mrs. Muttinadu
29 Ramesh Bellan Haliyur Kannerimukku 500
30 Ramesh Menaga Mrs. Anaihatty
31 Rathakrishnan Mathan Melur 500
32 Rathakrishnan Sreedevi Mrs. Kookal
33 Ravi Kumar Halan Ajjoor 500
34 Ravi Jeyalakshmi Mrs. Kenthala
35 Sampath Kumar Bheemaraj Ithalar 100
36 Sampath Anitha Mrs. New Attuboil
37 Satish Kumar Sagadevan Heerisigai 200
38 Satish Deepa Mrs. Ketchigaty
39 Shantha Kumar Bellan Pudhugatty 200
40 Shantha Kumar Saraswathi Mrs. Mulligoor
41 Sivakumar Bhoopaalan Kilkowatty 300
42 Sivakumar Teena Mrs. Thinniyur
43 Sivakumar Ramachandran Mattakandi 200
44 Sivakumar Monesha Mrs. Ithalar
45 Sree Chander Basavaraj Thooratty 100
46 Sree Chander Gayathri Mrs Thooratty
47 Srinivasan Mattakandy 500
48 Srinivasan Nirmala Mrs. Balakola
49 Sudhakar Bellukutty Dr. Halattanai 500
50 Sudhakar Leena Mrs. Kallakorai
51 Sudhakar Ramachandran Aravenu 200
52 Sudhakar Rajeswari Mrs. Anaihatty
53 Vengatesh Nanjan Jackanarai 100
54 Vengatesh Shobana Mrs. Sundatti
55 Vijay Kallan Jackanarai 100
56 Vijay Krithika Mrs. Bandumay
57 Vivek Anand. R Naduhatty 100
58 Vivek Sowmya Mrs Kilkowatty
59 Subash Nanjan Kerehada 100
60 Subash Kowsalya Mrs. Bygamund
61 Sivaraj Bojan.H Hubbathalai 200
62 Pratap Shanmugam (Al liali) Thinniyur 200
63 Sankar Murali Bellan Jackanarai 500
64 Sugumar Raman.B.R Bearhatty 500
Other contributions
1 Dr.Sudhakar Cricket Team 2014 1200
2 Jeyasankar - for CARE Badaga T Shirts 2015 1195
3 Rathakrishnan (Carrom Family Runner) 2014 200
4 Sivakumar (Carrom M.Singles Runner) 2014 500
5 Sreedevi (Carrom W.Singles Runner) 2014 100
6 Gift returned by Best Bachelor Dancer 2015 100
7 Gift Voucher returned by Siva Anna 2015 50
Total CARE Badaga Contribution 12545

A Big thanks to all the contributors listed above. We do expect that there are many noble members who will like to contribute towards this initiative.

2013 Dubai
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